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Automatic Water Slot Milling machine


Product Model: SCX01-2

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Brief Introduction of Automatic Water Slot Milling machine
The Water Slot Milling Machine is used for processing various water slots and air-pressure balance grooves. Top milling unit is angularly adjustable in the angle range between 0°-45°, and water slot milling length adjustable in the range of 0-50mm. The milling unit can be adjusted forward, backward, upward and downward. One-time clamp can achieve the simultaneous processing with multiple directions. It has the features of high efficiency, reliability, high accuracy and easy operation.

Features of Automatic Water Slot Milling machine

  • Pneumatic driving, automatic processing
  • Equipped with two (SCX01-2) or three (SCX01-3) milling unit, selecting milling units according to actual need

Technical Parameters of Automatic Water Slot Milling machine

Power Supply                      220V  50Hz
Input Power                         0.5KW*2/3/4
Working Air Pressure        0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption                30L/min
Max-length of Groove        30mm
Max-depth of Groove         40mm
Milling Cutter Diameter    4/5mm
Motor Rotational Speed   25000r/min
Outside Dimension          2940*860*1660mm
Weight                                 200Kg


uPVC window milling machines are used to process hardware installation holes and slots, water slots, air-pressure balance grooves and other holes or slots in uPVC windows and doors, and it is an important component part of uPVC window production line. Milling hardware holes or slots and water-slots of windows is an important step in window-door manufacturing procedure. The quality of these holes or slots will have a direct influence on the quality of windows and doors. Qualified hardware holes and slots not only improve the visual sense of beauty of uPVC windows and doors, but guarantees the fastness and durability of hardware which increases the safty factor of windows and doors. uPVC window milling machines include water slot milling machine, lock hole & slot milling machine, copy routing machine, and so on.

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