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Horizontal Glazing Bead Saw


Product Model: SYJ03-1800

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Brief Introduction of Horizontal Glazing Bead Saw
The glazing bead saw is used for cutting and milling glazing beads. With two groups of cutting and milling blades, it can finish the 45° cutting of two glazing beads as well as the extra parts milling at single working operation. The saw is fixed horizontally so that the clamping of profile is simple and the cutting movement is stable, which ensures the high accuracy of bead processing and elegant window & door. This glazing bead cutting saw suits mass and high-accuracy production of uPVC window glazing beads.

Features of Horizontal Glazing Bead Saw
High accuracy through hard-alloy saw blades

Finish the 45° cutting of two glazing beads as well as the extra parts milling at single working operation through two groups of cutting and milling blades

Equipped with horizontal clamping moulds and vertical clamping cylinders to ensure the fastness of clamping glazing beads

Able cut two or three glazing beads in single working operation

Equipped with positioning gauge for profile length to guarantee the accuracy of cutting length

Technicial Parameter of Horizontal Glazing Bead Saw 

Power Supply                          380V  50Hz
Input Power                             1.5KW
Working Air Pressure             0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption                     80L/min
Motor Rotational Speed         2800r/min
Processing Range(length)   320-1800mm
Outside Dimension               1350*500*1350mm
Weight                                      210Kg


uPVC profile cutting machine is major and essential equipment for manufacturing uPVC windows and doors. Cutting is the beginning of making uPVC windows, and one of most important manufacturing procedures in the whole window manufacturing process. The cutting accuracy (such as accuracy error of cutting length, accuracy error of cutting angle) will affect the welding accuracy and welding strength of uPVC windows, and then affect the size accuracy and angle accuracy of finished uPVC windows. STONE Window Machinery guarantees the cutting quality of the uPVC profile cutting machine through use of high quality hard-alloy saw blades, high accuracy liner bearing motional pairs and headstock, and other high quality machine components, and through our strict quality control system. uPVC profile cutting machines mainly includes double mitre saw, V-notch saw, glazing bead saw, and so on.

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