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CNC Corner-cleaning Machine for uPVC Door & Window


Product Model: JQK04-120

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Brief Introduction of CNC Corner-cleaning Machine

CNC Corner-cleaning Machine is used for the cleaning of corners on uPVC doors & windows. The corner cleaner is the integration of digital control, pneumatic driving and mechanical technology. The imported digital control system can store more than 100 processing procedures according to different profiles. The round saw blade can clean outer corners along x axis and z axis according to the set program, and the pulling blades can clean the upper and bottom surface. Additionally, there are upper and bottom drilling bits for cleaning seal grooves and extra part of inner corners on uPVC window and door frames or sashes. What is more, numerical values can be inserted randomly into the program according to the work requirement to amend the program when cleaning declinational corners. This cnc corner cleaning machine features convenient adjustment and high automation. It is a perfect machine for large scale and continuous production of uPVC doors & windows.

Features of CNC Corner-cleaning Machine

●     Cleaning outer corners, upper and bottom surface and rubber seal grooves (optional) of uPVC windows and doors, full automatically

●     Teaching auto-programming, easy operate.

●     5.7” LCD, easy and visualized operation.

Technical Parameters of CNC Corner-cleaning Machine

Power supply                         380V 50Hz (optional)    
Input power                            1.5Kw   
Air pressure                           0.4~0.7Mpa   
Air consumption                    50L/min 
Groove processing width    3mm        
Processing profile depth      ≤0.3mm
Processing profile height     20~120mm    
Processing profile width      20~120mm
Outside dimension              1680×880×1500mm       
Weight (about)                        600Kg


uPVC window corner-cleaning machine is specially used to clean weld seams on uPVC windows and doors, and it is one of major uPVC window machines. After uPVC profiles are heated, melted, and welded to form window frames or sashes, of which there will be weld seams (weld beadings) on the corners. Cleaning these weld seams with a corner-cleaning machine will not only ensure the beautiful outfit of uPVC windows, but guarantees the weld strength and increases the productivity of uPVC windows and doors.


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