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  Materials of insulated glass unit  
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Materials of insulated glass unit

Glass panes:
An insulating glass unit consists of at least two panes of glass. Except normal float glass, other types of coated and laminated glasses may be used depending on the application to enhance the performance of the unit.

Frame, or the spacer bar, is the material used to separate the two glass panes in an insulated unit. Usually made of aluminium and filled with desiccant, it holds the unit together, provides thickness and mechanical resistance, and plays a key role in ensuring optimum performance of the unit.

Desiccants are used to remove any moister trapped within the IG unit. The different types of desiccants are silica, molecular sieve and zeolites.

Sealants are very important in the manufacture of insulating glass. They are easy to handle, efficient, safe and environment friendly. They are good adhesives, elastic and durable. Their moisture vapour transmission rates are low and have good cure profile. There are two types of sealants - primary and secondary.

Filling (gas):
Dry air, gas like argon, vacuum are the three different types of fillings filled between the glass sheets .