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  What is the features of insulated glass  
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Optical properties: the visible light transmittance of insulating glazing systems is normally in the range of 7-80% and the visible light reflectance is in the range of 13-48%;

Thermal Properties: the U value is effectively lowered by insulating glazing and can be further reduced by filling of inert gases;

Acoustical insulation: insulating glazing can reduce noise by about 30dB and further reduction is obtainable by filling of inert gases and using laminated glazing.

Condensation: the dew point of CSG insulating glazing systems is below-65C which guarantees no condensation formation under normal applications.

Sealing: aluminum spacer frame is automatically curved and formed with only one joint and two seals are applied in insulating glass production, which ensures excellent sealing characteristics and long application life-time.