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Single-head Copy-routing Machine for Aluminum Curtain-wall


Product Model: LXF-370X125

   Product details

Product details of Single-head Copy-routing Machine

Single-head Copy-routing Machine is used for processing all types of holes, grooves and water-slots on aluminum and PVC profiles.

The copy-routing machine has the features of compact structure, nice design, small measurement and profile clamping and motor starting adopt pneumatic control.

Easy replacement of the copy-routing plate, large useful scope, high efficiency and convenient operation, continuous processing and safe operation.

Main parameter of Single-head Copy-routing Machine

Power supply                  380v 50Hz
Input Power                     2.2KW
Air Pressure                     0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption             10L/min
Copy-routing range        370x125mm
Milling cutter diameter   d=5, d=8mm
Outside dimension        2180x1000x1700mm
Weight(about)                 230kg


Jinan Stone Machine Co., Ltd is one of the old and big manufacturers of pvc window and door manufacturing machinery, aluninium window and door manufacturing machinery, and insulating glass manufacturing line. Since its inception in 1999, and after over ten years of development and growth, the company is now playing a leading role in the door window equipment manufacturing industry  in China.

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