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Profile Tenon Milling Machine for Aluminum Curtain-wall


Product Model: LXDJ6A-250

   Product details

Product details of Profile Tenon Milling Machine

The Profile Tenon Milling Machine is promoted according to international and domestic curtrain-wall market.

The tenon milling machine a new type of curtain wall processing machine and applys to various kinds of profiles. It is of wide range processing, easy operation and high efficient to meet customers’ demand.

The machine can complete profile fixed, tools moving and longer profile shaped and finished many times and large quantity.

Six sets of cutting tools can be combined freely to any size according to customer’s requirement, and two sets of them can be adjusted in the range of 180°.

Main parameters of Profile Tenon Milling Machine

Power supply                            380v 50Hz
Input Power                               14.3KW
Air Pressure                               0.5-0.8Mpa
Motor rotational speed             2800r/min
Main shaft diameter                  d=32mm
Milling cutter diameter              d=250mm
Feeding journey of worktable  1650mm
Worktable measurement         510x480mm
Outside dimension                   4810x1340x1965mm
Weight (about)                            2000kg

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