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End Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile


Product Model: LXD-250B

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Brief Introduction of End Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile

End milling Machine LXD-250B can be used for end milling of the profiles for aluminum doors and windows.With a large work bench and long cutting stroke, it can mill 6-10 profiles with one operation.With adjustable cutting tools,it is unnecessary to replace milling cutters in case of changing different profiles so as to save the production period and cost of cutting tools. Multiple sets of cutting tools can work simultaneously or separately based on different profiles.With bigger diameter of cutting tools,the quality of machining surface is better.The hydraulic damping cylinder is used to push the feed of cutting tools to enable more stable operation.The thickened clamping plate can prevent the profiles from deforming.

Features of End Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile

  • Used for milling the aluminum mullion/transom and reinforced mullion.
  • Large capacity milling, multi-pieces profile milling in one cycle.
  • Universal milling blades can be adjusted in up/down, left/right directions and not make extra, which to fit for different processing requirement and ensure the efficient working.
  • Can work for the reinforced mullion in one cutting / milling cycle.
  • Large tools with high and stable milling speed guarantee the working quality.

Technical Parameters of End Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile

Power Supply                    380V  50Hz
Input Power                       8.8KW
Working Air Pressure      0.5-0.8MPa
Air Consumption             150L/min
Motor Rotational Speed  2800r/min
Main Shaft Diameter        32mm
Milling Cutter Diameter   250mm
Outside Dimension         2480*970*1450mm
Weight(about)                   600Kg


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