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Horizontal Roller Pressing Machine


Product Model: LY1500A

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Brief Introduction of Horizontal Roller Pressing Machine

Horizontal Roller Pressing Machine is one of the special equipments to manufacture aluminum frame type insulated glass.When the aluminum strips applied with sealant are on the perimeter between the two glass sheets,this machine fastens the two glass sheets through roller pressing. which ensures that the thickness meets the design requirement and a certain amount of atatic dry air is sealed between the two glass sheets for the sake of energy saving.

Technical Parameters of Horizontal Roller Pressing Machine

Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz
Input Power: 0.37Kw
Min.Glass Size: 500×200mm
Max.Glass Size: 2400×1500mm
Table Height: 800mm
Max.Insulated Glass Thickness: 40mm
Max.Insulated Glass Width: 1500mm
Outside Dimension: 2400×1900×1200mm 
Weight(about): 600Kg


Insulating glass machinery are special machinery for manufacturing insulated glass. Insulated glass is a combination of two or more sheets of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air or inert gas spaces in between, with benefits of energy saving, sound insulation, reduced infiltration, and reduced condensation. The major manufacturing process for insulated glass includes glass cutting, glass edging, glass washing and drying, spacer assembly, pressing, sealing, and gas filling. Insulating glass machinery mainly includes vertical insulating glass production line, glass cutting machine, glass washing and drying machine, glass edging machine, butyl extruder, two-component sealant extruding machine, gas filling machine, and so on.    

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