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Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line


Product Model: LBZ2500P/LBZ2200P

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For more details, please check the attached: LBZ2500P.pdf

Brief Introduction of Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line
Vertical insulating glass production line is used to make insulating glass. This machine can make double and triple Insulating glass units. The insulating glass production line is the main equipment to produce insulating glass.

The machine consists of input unit, glass washing and drying unit, cleanness inspecting unit, aluminum spacer assembly unit, panel pressing unit, tilting table. Input unit conveys glass sheets into washing and drying unit automatically. Washing and drying unit uses 3 pairs of brushes and entire rubber rollers, with hot air system and hot water system, to achieve better cleanness of glass. Cleanness inspecting units equipped with inspecting lights is used to inspect whether the glass is clean or not. Aluminum spacer assembly unit with spacer positioning system is used to load aluminum spacers onto glass sheets. Panel pressing unit with hydraulic driving system can press two sheets of glass with spacer together. Tilting table with universal wheels tilts insulating glass units to horizontal position.

Features of Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

  • Automatic PLC Control System in whole manufacturing process, equipped with human-man interface touch screen
  • Realize the surface layer of coated glass and LOW-E glass automatically
  • The washing unit and water system use stainless steel and anticorrosion material with all parts and it has features of super durability
  • Applicable for washing glass with the thickness of 3 to 12mm, with specially designed automatic glass transport mechanism of washing and drying unit
  • With multistage frequency conversion control and multi-speed revolution optimization function, the machine can process all kinds of glass sheets with different glass size
  • Washing glass continuously, disparting glass sheets one by one
  • Every glass transportation unit uses buffer stopping function to avoid bumping, and effectively reduces the wearing of conveying wheels from glass
  • Capable to make triple or step insulating glass unit (optional)

Main Technical Parameters of Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line




Power supply

380V  50Hz (optional)

380V  50Hz (optional)

Input power



Max. glass size



Min. glass size



Glass thickness for washing



Insulated glass thickness



Washing speed



Conveying speed



Outside dimension



Weight (about)




Insulating glass machines are special machines for manufacturing insulated glass. Insulated glass is a combination of two or more sheets of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air spaces in between, with benefits of energy saving, sound insulation, reduced infiltration, and reduced condensation. The major manufacturing process for insulated glass includes glass cutting, glass edging, glass washing, spacer assembly, sealing, and gas filling. Insulating glass machine mainly includes vertical insulating glass production line, glass cutting machine, glass washing machine, glass edging machine, butyl extruder, two-part sealant extruding machine, gas filling machine, and so on.                  

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