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Aluminum Window Corner Crimping Machine


Product Model: LZJ-02

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Brief Introduction of Aluminum Window Corner Crimping Machine
The aluminum corner crimping machine is used for 90 degree corner joining of aluminum profiles. The left and right crimping knives, driven by hydraulic system though a joint-action device, feed synchronously, which guarantees the accuracy and strength of corner crimping and improve the quality of aluminum doors and windows greatly. Place a corner connector into the cavity of the two profiles before corner crimping, and the hydraulic-driven crimping knives make permanently cold deformation on aluminum profile outer layers. Single-head aluminum corner crimping machine is basic equipment for aluminum doors and windows, easy to operate, economical and practical.

details of corner crimping machine

Features of Aluminum Window Corner Crimping Machine
● The left and right crimping knives feed synchronously
● High-precision linear bearing motional pairs are adopted with high precision of corner combining
● Powerful hydraulic system provides strong and stable pressing force for crimping knives, ensuring big punching and riveting force and high strength of corner connection
● Reinforced clamping guide rod can prevent malposition of aluminum profiles
● Clamping device can move forward and backward automatically, easy to load and unload window frames
● Height of crimping knives and depth of crimping can be adjusted to meet requirement of different aluminum profile types
● Profile clamping is pneumatic, and the feeding movement of crimping knives is hydraulic
● Achieve centering of profile corner automatically with hydraulic profile centering devices

Main Technical Parameter of Aluminum Window Corner Crimping Machine
Power supply                        380V 50Hz (optional) 
Input power                           3.0Kw 
Air pressure                          0.4~0.6Mpa 
Air consumption                   2L/min 
Rated oil pressure              16Mpa 
Oil tank volume                     20L 
Crimping cylinder stroke     0~98mm  
Outside dimension              830×1000×1200mm   
Weight (about)                      380Kg


Aluminum window corner crimping machinery is major and essential equipment for manufacturing aluminum windows and doors. This kind of machines make permanently cold deformation on aluminum profile outer layers by pressing aluminum profiles with corner inside, making the corner connectors and aluminum profiles connected titghty to finish corner crimping. Corner crimping is the most important step for making aluminum windows and doors, and the quality of corner crimping (such as crimping strength, crimping accuracy) will affect the finished window quality directly. Stone Window Machine Company can provide CNC four-head aluminum corner crimping machine, double-head aluminum croner crimping machine, single-head corner crimping machine, and multi-bytes corner crimping machine.


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