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Double-head Precision Cutting Saw


Product Model: LJZB-500*4200

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Brief Introduction of Double-head Precision Cutting Saw

The Double-head Precision Aluminum Cutting Saw is used for cutting aluminum profiles for aluminum windows and aluminum curtain walls. The accuracy of both cutting length and cutting angle reaches or approaches advanced international standards, which can meet the high-accuracy and high-efficiency requirement for manufacturing thermal-break aluminum windows and doors. This double miter saw is ideal equipment for mass production of aluminum windows and doors.

Features of Double-head Precision Cutting Saw

  • Special high-accuracy hard-alloy saw blade, equipped with automatic spray cooling system
  • Stable and uniform motion of saw blades feeding through Hydro-pneumatic damping cylinders
  • High-accuracy headstock guarantees the stable running of saw blades
  • Self-opening safety cover secures the operator against injury from high-speed rotation saw blades
  • The saw blade feeds on square linear bearing kinematic pair
  • The two working head can work individually or simultaneously
  • Meet the requirement for both aluminum profile cutting length and cutting angle in single cutting operation
  • Profile clamping in horizontal and vertical directions

Technical Parameters of Double-head Precision Cutting Saw

Power Supply                              380V 50Hz (optional)
Input Power                                 4.4Kw
Working Air Pressure                0.5-0.8Mpa
Blade Rotational Speed            3100r/min
Saw Blade Specification           D=500mm, d=30mm
Cutting Length                            380-4200mm
Cutting Angles                            90°, 45°, (22.5° is optional)
Cutting width*height                  90° 135×300mm
45° 135×200mm 
Cutting angle accuracy error    ±5′
Cutting material flatness          ≤0.10mm
Cutting material verticality        ≤0.10mm
Outside Dimension                   5685*1750*1990mm
Weight (about)                           1800Kg


Aluminum profile cutting machine is major and essential equipment for manufacturing aluminum windows and doors. Cutting is the beginning of making aluminum windows, and one of most important manufacturing procedures in the whole window manufacturing process. The cutting accuracy (such as accuracy error of cutting length, accuracy error of cutting angle) will affect the corner crimping accuracy and corner crimping strength of aluminum windows, and then affect the size accuracy and angle accuracy of finished aluminum windows. STONE Window Machinery guarantees the cutting quality of the aluminum profile cutting machine through use of high quality hard-alloy saw blades, high accuracy liner bearing motional pairs and headstock, and other high quality machine components, and through our strict quality control system. Aluminum profile cutting machines mainly includes double-head cutting saw, single-head cutting saw, corner connector cutting saw, and so on.


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