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Arc Window Machine


Product Model: SYH01-1800

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Brief Introduction of Arc Window Machine

The arc window machine for uPVC profile is a special machine to process arc windows and doors. The machine consists of worktable, heating groove and shape-forming band. The profile is heated through the medium oil heated by electricity. The semi-circle with its diameter from 800-1800mm can be processed with this machine. You can also process different profiles through changing different shape-forming bands. This arc window machine has features of high reliability, safe operation and high efficiency.

Technical Parameters of Arc Window Machine

Power Supply

380V 50Hz

Input Power


Worktable Size


Heating groove Size




The uPVC window welding machine is major and essential equipment for manufacturing uPVC windows and doors. The machine heats the end of uPVC profiles into molten state through heating plates, and then fabricates the uPVC profiles into a window frame unit or window sash unit by pressing. The movements of profile clamping, profile melting, and frame fabricating are controlled by a PLC, and all the movements are finished step by step automatically. Welding is the most important step for making uPVC windows and doors, and the welding quality (such as welding strength, welding-angle accuracy, window size accuracy) will affect the finished window quality directly. STONE Window Machinery guarantees the welding quality of the uPVC window welding machine through use of high quality heating plates and temperature controllers, high accuracy liner bearing motional pairs and other high quality machine components, and through our strict quality control system.

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