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Lock Hole & Slot Milling Machine for uPVC Door & Window


Product Model: SZJ01

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Brief Introduction of Lock Hole & Slot Milling Machine

The Lock Hole & Slot Milling Machine is a special machine used for processing holes and slots of uPVC door & window. It consists of a triple drilling unit and a copy routing unit, which can achieve horizontal triple-hole drilling and vertical copy-routing separately. The triple drilling bits driven by a motor through a gearbox, pushed by a feeding rod, can finish triple-drilling on horizontal direction. The milling bits can finish high-speed copy-routing on vertical direction, driven by a motor through a drive belt. The copy routing unit is equipped with a template, on which the copy-routing pin moves along the inner side of copy-routing holes or slots to make the milling bit finish copy-routing at the ratio 1:1. One-time clamping can achieve two working procedures which ensures the precise position of the holes and slots in uPVC windows and doors.

Features of Lock Hole & Slot Milling Machine

  • Acceleration with a belt to achieve high-speed milling in copy-routing unit
  • Equipped with a gearbox in the triple-drilling unit to guarantee the accuracy and stability of drilling
  • Triple-drilling unit can drill the uPVC profiles with steel reinforcement inside
  • Able to copy route both uPVC profiles and aluminum profiles
  • Templates can be made to order to meet the requirement of different installation holes and slots of window hardware 

Technical Parameters of Lock Hole & Slot Milling Machine

Power Supply                  380V  50Hz
Input Power                     1.85KW
Working Air Pressure    0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption            30L/min
Copy-Routing Range    300*100mm
Moter Speed:                  2800r/min
Outside Dimension      1000*1130*1500mm
Weight                              250Kg


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