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Heavy-duty Double-head Cutting Saw


Product Model: LSZJ-500*4200

   Product details

Brief introduction of Heavy-duty Double-head Cutting Saw

Heavy-duty Double-head Cutting Saw is used for 45° and 90° cutting of aluminum curtain wall profiles, aluminum and uPVC window profile. Equipped with carbide-tipped blades, the machine has higher liner speed and cutting accuracy. The two head can work simultaneously and individually. Saw blade moves vertically from bottom to top, with the feature of bigger cutting width, safer and stabler running.To be suitable for the large-scale and high accuracy production of aluminum and uPVC windows and aluminum curtain wall, CNC control system and cutting length digital display can be equipped according to customer’s requirement. It can cut multiple profiles in one operation, high efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters of Heavy-duty Double-head Cutting Saw

Power Supply              380V 50Hz (optional)
Input Power               2.2KW×2
Blade Rotational Speed      3850r/min
Working Air Pressure        0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption                 200L/min
Cutting Length            550-4200mm(45°)          480-4200mm(90°)
Cutting width     Max 230mm(45°)           Max 250mm(90°)
Cutting height    Max 100mm(45°)          Max 130mm(90°)
Cutting Angles            90 °, 45°
Saw Blade Specification     D=500mm
Resetting Positioning Accuracy    ≤0.3mm
Cutting angle accuracy error      ±5′
Cutting material flatness          ≤0.10mm
Cutting material surface roughness   Ra12.5μm
Outside Dimension                    5370*1300*1360mm
Weight (about)                            1800Kg

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