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Rotary Sealant Coating Table


Product Model: SZT1500

   Product details

Rotary Sealant Coating Table is used to rotates insulating glass units when making the secondary sealing for IGU.


1. Glass rising, falling and rotating can be controlled by foot switch without manual support to accomplish the glass edge-sealing work. Its easy to operate and efficient to use.

2. Can swivel clockwise or anticlockwise 90 or 360 angle according to the request.

3. The program controls rotation and vacuum sucker, suckers can be selected according to the size of the glass.

4. The special structure of the turning support plate enables the glass stay on the same plane.

5. Length of the arms can be adjusted according to glass size.

6. Suckers controlled by vacuum system, can fix the glass firmly.       

Technical paramters:

Power supply        220V/50Hz

Total power           0. 2Kw

Rotate-speed       4. 6m/min

Min. Glass size    400*400mm

Max. Glass size   2000*3000mm

Weight                  100kg

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