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Butyl Extruder Machine


Product Model: JT04

   Product details

Brief Introduction

The Butyl Extruder Machine is the special equipment to coat the molten butyl sealant to both sides of the aluminum spacer frame. The only thing the operator needs to do is to hold the aluminum spacer bar and all the other operations can be completed automatically as programmed. The machine features convenient operation, stable performance, good effect of sealant extrusion and high production efficiency. The butyl extruder machine uses man-machine interface and it is indispensable equipment for insulating glass manufacturing.


  • PLC control, automatic clamping and extruding
  • Temperature controllers control the temperature of butyl cylinder and nozzles exactly, and the temperature is adjustable according to actual requirement
  • Air-hydraulic driven unit provides stable pressure
  • Work pressure, butyl flow rate, spacer width and other parameters can be adjusted
  • Timed switch-on and switch-off

Technical Parameter

Working Air Pressure


Power Supply

380V 50HZ (optional)

Input power


Transmit speed



110-150 Centigrade

Rubber extruding pressure


Adjustable range


Outside dimension


Weight (about)


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