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Automatic Insulating Glass Sealing Robot


Product Model: SDL57Q-CNC-1800JH

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1. Continous and high-quality sealing for rectangle insulating glass units of different sizes.

2. Special V-shaped synchronous belt makes sure the stable and clean conveying of insulating glass units.

3. Auotmatic centring system guarantees the sealing nozzle is in the center of aluminum spacers.

4. Automatically detect the sealing depth, accurately adjust the sealing speed, the nozzle position and sealing amount.

5. Automatic corner trimming function by sealing gun wipers makes the corner full and smooth.

6. Electric proportional valves ajust the pressure accurately, which guarantees the stable pressure of sealing system. 

7. Servo hydraulic system controls the sealing amount accurately.

8. Adopt CNC multe-axis servo control system and man-machine interface operating system.

9. Two groups of sealant supply system can be exchanged automatically (optional).

10. Sealant amount warning system can remind the worker to change sealant barrels.


Input power 18Kw

Air supply  0.5-0.8Mpa

Sealing depth 2—15mm

Sealing width  6-24mm

Sealing speed  0-25m/min

Conveying speed  0-48m/min

Glass thickness  3-12mm

Insulating glass thickness  12-60mm

Min. glass size    300×450mm

Max. glass size   1800×2400mm

Max. squeeze pressure  32MPa

Outside dimension    7750*4000*2800mm

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