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Glass Straight Line Double Edger


Product Model: BSZM1500E

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Brief Introduction of Glass Straight Line Double Edger

BSZM 1500E glass straight-line double edger adopts PLC control system sets processing parameters via interface and coarse grinding fine grinding, polishing can be done at on time. Adopt Tran frequency motor control motor to control speed, processing speed fast and high processing efficiency. Adopt double straight line rolling glide and double straight line rolling guide and double ball screw rod transmission system guarantee the processing size’s veracity and stability. Upper chamfer angle can automatic rise and fall so its have easy handling, compact structure. The minimum width of the glass can be 127mm. This product is the ideal choice of assistant equipment for small spec and industrial glass.

Main technical parameters of Glass Straight Line Double Edger

Power                                                   380V/3P 
Processing speed                             1-6m/min
Total power                                          26KW 
Traveling speed of gliding head      700m/min
Minimum processing size                127mm 
Workable height                                  960mm
Maximum processing size               1500mm 
Pneumatic working pressure           0.7Mpa
Processing thickness                        3-12mm
Blower capacity                                   07m2/h
Maximum bottom margin grinding  3mm 
Pump capacity                                     10m3/h
Maximum chamfer angle grinding   2mm 
Chamfer angle                                    45º 
Outside dimension                            3500*3720*2100
Weight                                                   4000Kg


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