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Vertical Four Corner Welding Machine


Product Model: SHP4-3000

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Brief Introduction of Vertical Four Corner Welding Machine

Vertical four-corner welding machine is the special machine for the welding of uPVC doors & windows, and an ideal equipment for mass production of uPVC windows and doors. The four welding heads can finish the welding of rectangle window frames or sashes in one operation, featuring high efficiency.

Compared with other uPVC welding machines, significantly, the four-corner welding machine improves the welding strength, welding accuracy and durability of uPVC windows and doors through window-frame parallel welding and synchronous profile-clamping technology, PLC programmer control, and high-accuracy liner bearing motional pairs. Additionally, good-performance and long-life pneumatic components, imported industrial PLC in control system, and high-strength machine construction, guarantee the service life of the uPVC window welding machine. This machine is easy to operate with user-friendly human-machine interface, and easy to maintain with pneumatic driving system and motional pairs of oil-free lubrication bearings.

Features of Vertical Four Corner Welding Machine
 Process two or three window frames at one time with special profile locating plates
 Pressure, temperature and welding time can be adjusted manually according to different uPVC profiles and external environmental condition
 Suitable for mass production of uPVC windows and doors
 High angel weld strength and higher pass-rate of products
 High accuracy of welded window or door frames

Main Technical Parameters of Vertical Four Corner Welding Machine
Power supply                     380V 50Hz (optional) 
Input power                        7.0Kw
Air pressure                       0.5~0.8Mpa
Air consumption                200L/min
Welding profile height      20~120mm
Welding profile width       0~120mm
Welding range                  300×300~1800×3000mm
Outside dimension          5000×1728×2870mm  
Weight(about)                   3000Kg


The uPVC window welding machine is a major and essential equipment for manufacturing uPVC windows and doors. The machine heat the end of cutted uPVC profiles into molten state through heating plates, and then fabricate the uPVC profiles into a window frame unit or window sash unit by pressing. The movements of profile clamping, profile melting, and frame fabricating are controlled by a PLC, and all the movements are finished one by one automatically. Welding is the most important step for making PVC windows and doors, and the welding quality (such as welding strength, welding-angle accuracy, window size accuracy) will affact the finished window quality directly. STONE Window Machinery guarantees the welding quality of the uPVC window machine through adopting high quality heating plates and temperature controllers, high accuracy liner bearing motional pairs and other high quality machine components, and through our strict quality control system.

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